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Have a great home, commercial property or land on the market that just can’t seem to sell? Experiencing a long listing time and thinking of lowering the sell price?

The answer to selling properties that become stagnant on the market is to hire an expert in Energetic Staging!

As Albert Einstein pointed out, everything is made of energy. As human beings, we are an emotional energetic being that responds and reacts through emotions. Even as time passes, emotional energy that we create remains attached to physical structures – having a direct effect in our lives. This is where my service comes into play!

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Energetic Staging is the removal and neutralizing of negative energy that has become trapped both inside and outside of the property. By using skills that have been developed over time, new – divine energies are inserted that appeal to potential buyers, making them feel as if they stepped into a safe haven that they can call home!

Energetic Staging offers both in-person and remote energy cleansing services.

What is Energetic Staging?

You may have heard of home staging, which is when sellers place furniture and accessories in the home that assist the buyer in visualizing the physical concept of the home. Energetic Staging helps the buyer cultivate the emotional feel that they just stepped into their new home. Emotions give off certain energy vibrations and with these emotions we make decisions in our life. The decision on where to live is determined on how safe and protected we feel and how comfortable the house feels when we step into it for the first time. All emotional energy vibrations can be absorbed into furniture, kitchen counters, walls, sofa, bathroom, bathroom mirrors, and the structure of the home, as well as the outside living areas. This energy can cause a space to feel very unwelcoming or uncomfortable.

Low Vibration Emotions

Emotions that a person creates because of divorce, death, bankruptcy, arguments, emotional, mental and physical abuse, obesity, having doubts about a variety of reasons, having high levels of stress, anxiety, depression are all low vibration energies.

High Vibration Emotions

Emotions of being in love, newlyweds, celebrations, easy living, enjoying beautiful views, laughter, loving yourself, loving career, enjoying life are high vibration energies.

About Cate Brandt


What We Can Do For You

Want to know more about the types of houses that may need Energetic Staging?

Cate Brandt, founder of Energetic Staging, has an extensive background as a Reiki Master and Medium. Cate has a unique ability to spiritually discern the energy that one is experiencing. She cultivated these abilities nearly 14 years ago. Over the years, she has learned that in order to sell a home the energy needs to be neutralized for another home owner to feel like it could be their own.


What We Can Do For You

Want to know more about the types of houses that may need Energetic Staging?