Energetic Staging

Our Mission

To create an environment that is safe and joyous!

“Everything is made of Energy”


Hi, I’m Cate Brandt!

In my years of experience in energetic healing, I have energetically balanced people to become more at ease, feel hope, obtain excitement for life, and regain their passion in life. Due to these changing times, I felt the need to support people in feeling safe and secure with moving to new locations either to a different home or a different commercial property.

This is why I expanded my portfolio with two new services, Energetic Staging and Energetic Business Coaching.

With Energetic Staging, crafting my skill of Channeling Divine Energy to shift stuck negative energies within homes and commercial properties (push to read more), has been a blessing to many of my clients. The feeling of being safe and secure rather it is within their new ideal home or new location for their business has allowed them to be abundant, prosperous and jubilant.

My Energetic Business Coaching service will help realtors, home owners and business professionals feel energetically balanced and mentally stronger in order to deal with the stresses in life.
The feedback from this service: “Thank you for bringing back my passion in my career.”

Becoming a Divine Energetic Healer and having my business, Divine Energy Management, has been a blessing in my life. The ability to share my knowledge about Divine Energy and use the gifts that have been bestowed on me has been a marvelous journey and with these new services I will be able to continue my mission.