Energetic Staging


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energetic Staging?

Energetic Staging, also known as house clearing or house cleansing, is the removal of negative energy of a property. It can assist realtors and home sellers in releasing negative energy that may still be lingering –  allowing for a new, positive energy to fill the property and bring a sense of calmness to prospective buyers. This new energy can assist buyers in feeling that this home is the kind of environment that they want to live in.

Does the Energy that was released ever come back?

No, it does not. Once the energy that is presently there is changed, it does not return.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can reach out through our ‘Contact’ page to schedule an appointment.

Does my home need energetic staging?

Some of the most common reasons that a home may need energetic clearing services can be attributed to the location of the home, the fact that the previous homeowners did not have balanced energies, the home had negative usage, or that a spirit still has a sense of attachment to the home. Click here for a more detailed list of examples.

Where are you located?

Our in-person services are based out of Tucson, AZ 85741.

We also provide remote staging services that can be done from any location.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, Venmo, and Facebook Pay.