Energetic Staging
“I would like to write a letter of appreciation and recommendation for Cate Brandt. Cate came highly recommended for her expert skills in entity removal. I was informed she is one of the best in the field. When I first spoke to Cate, I felt a sense of immediate relief. I could tell she was already working on me, and I could sense how tough she is with the beings she removes. Once they are gone, they are gone.”


“Cate Brandt was invited into our home to clear the house and property of the negative energies we felt around us. As Cate walked around the house, I could hear her coughing while going from room to room. On walking the property, she cleared the barn, which at times, felt depressive and uncomfortable. Thankfully the house, barn and property have been transformed to a peaceful and positive place to live!”

-MKP Tucson, AZ

“Cate has cleared two houses of negative energy forces for me resulting in an observable change in the environment and its associated energetic feelings.”

-BB Tucson, AZ

“… I have Cate cleanse me and my daughter and my home about every 4-6 months and if there’s something just not feeling right, Non-Divine energy attached to us, I can contact Cate to come clear or do a distance cleansing for us. I Always notice a Change after it’s been done. I’ve recommended her to numerous people and will continue to do so.”

-AG, Arizona

These features are actually from the buyers that bought my home. The last Favorite Feature says it all: “Feels like home”. I knew that they were the ones that would be the perfect fit since they could feel the divine energy that is within my personal home.