Energetic Staging

$100 per 1000 square foot

With this service the property energy is altered inside and outside creating a property that could have endless potential.

Outcomes: Increased list activity with buyers that are truly interested in purchasing the listing. Atmosphere of the property is lighter and brighter. Welcoming a sense of joy, love and peace for the listing.

Energetic Business Coaching

$200 per session

Release a client’s blocked energy which increases their internal passion, enthusiasm, and motivation to drive one to success.

Includes an intuitive reading that generates a change in attitude to support new possibilities and potential for listings and buyers

Tips on how to optimize the energetic flow of the home

Giving different options of the description of the property.

Suggestions on ways to enhance the physical aspects of the property.

What kind of homes need Energetic Staging?

Strange smell:

This could usually be brought by a spirit that does not want to leave the home due to a sense of attachment.

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Perfume
  • Smell of death

The home was used for:

  • Adult care home
  • Hospice home
  • Drug house, selling or using of drugs
  • Rental home

Owners/renters were not in a balance state:

  • Hoarders
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental illness
  • Suicide
  • Abuse (emotional, physical, mentally)
  • Substance abuse
  • Highly stressed environment (working from home, financial issues)
  • Where a death occurred

Dark Pictures:

  • Pictures taken of the home appear to be dark or have a lack of light


  • Near a cemetery
  • Near a church
  • Near body of water
  • Next door to a home that is listed above
  • Near a mortuary
  • Built on top of a cemetery
  • Built on top of land that was once used for animals
  • Built on holy land
  • Built on land that has experienced war
  • Built where many people died
  • Built on a ley line